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Sins of a Highland Devil

Forever/Grand Central Publishing

Sins of A Highland Devil
Sue-Ellen Welfonder
Published by Forever/Grand Central Publishing
my review copy came from the fine folks at Forever/Grand Central Publishing

In this first of USA Today’s best selling author Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s latest historical romance series for Grand Central Publishing, Sins of A Highland Devil, the author introduces a new historical series of Highlanders and ghosts.

The Cameron and MacDonald clans have been fighting over this particular Scottish Glen, the Glen of Many Legends, for centuries, but when one of their women dies, she gives the Glen to both families. Centuries later, the clans are still fighting over the land, and the king, King Robert III (descendent of the famous King Robert the Bruce of Braveheart fame) decides he’s had enough and orders the two clans to decide the question in a controlled battle. (If I’m not mistaken, Ms. Welfonder means this one.(maybe not? it’s a bit confusing.)

James Cameron (not the famed director of Aliens and Avatar) and Catriona MacDonald hate each other. With a passion. But when James sees a mysterious man setting out across the glen after Catriona on late night, James, follows her, and promises to escort her home. Catriona hates James Cameron but her feelings for him are a wee bit more complicated than that, evidenced by the sexy dreams she has about him afterward. The feeling seems to be mutual for James, but the two stubborn Highland enemies won’t speak up, even though Catriona shows up on James’s doorstep claiming she lost her dog and then, wheedling her way into spending the night. The inevitable happens between them, and yet, though Catriona gives in quite willingly, she still screams to high heaven that she hates James.

Furthermore, in James’ dining hall, Catriona sees a ghost that she comes to find out is known as the Doom of the Camerons, and James—actually having fallen in love with Catriona, really quite liking her brother who he’s slated to battle and possibly kill very soon—is worried sick about her.

Catriona won’t say it, but she is likewise worried about James Cameron’s safety in the coming battle. She loves him, but she hates him, but she loves him. Likewise it is with James. So, you see the dilemma.

So what happens in Sins? Well, you’ll find out. I must admit, beyond such movies as Braveheart and Highlander, I’m not a huge fan of Scottish set romances that seem to glut the historical romance genre (hello, there are other countries in Europe, folks!), but while Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s prose wasn’t as altogether incomprehensible as some I’ve tried to read, and apparently I was confused about her work when I requested it because I thought it was set in Ireland. So I thought it was bringing something a little different to the table. Nope. It’s not.
This was the first of Sue-Ellen Welfonder’s* books I’ve ever read and I’m sorry to say, though I was quite intrigued by the ghost and the mystical, ancient “Makers of Dreams” James consults now and again, I didn’t come away from this book satisfied. *sigh*  I wanted to like it, I really did, but I’m sorry to say, too many things in it just got under my skin about this one. If you want to give it a shot it’s availale at the usual outlets (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc) I might just be weird, and you might enjoy Sins of A Highland Devil more than I. If not, well, you might want to try one of Ms. Welfonder’s many other historically set, Scottish Highland romance titles. I might try one later, maybe the second book, that was just released July 26, or perhaps something the Mackenzie series, since one of its characters is inspired, she says, by (get ready for the aww…. factor) this adorable red fox.


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