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In My Mailbox

A meme by The Story Siren.

Okay I picked up a few things this week, some in ye ole email, some just for me. First,Taste of The Nightlife by Sarah Zettel (personal purchase while out and about this weekend).

Your Magic Touch by Kathy Carmichael (sent to me by the author)your magic touch (For you Kindle users, it’s available at Amazon)


Ties That Bind by Carolyn Arnold (personal purchase via her teaser tweet on Twitter [first time ever!] and Smashwords)
and I downloaded Sunrise Alley by Catherine Asaro and Sheepfarmer’s Daughter by Elizabeth Moon via the nifty cool  Baen Free Library.

Sunrise Alley cover artSheepfarmer's Daughter art by Keith Parkinson

Will I finish EM’s novel? We’ll see? It’s a whopper of a book at 1000+ pages–at least it’s registering that long on my e-reader. Don’t know when I’ll get around to reviewing them (Though I have started Kathy’s and it’s already making me giggle); these are mostly on the “for me” shelf. What’d y’all get?

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