Christine Pope whips up some magic mistletoe

Mistletoe Magic by Christine Pope
cover art by Christine Pope

Mistletoe Magic


Christine Pope
my copy was acquired from the Pink Petal Books site

In this short story by romance author Christine Pope, Christmas retail duty is getting to Celia. She hates working Christmas Eve. Even though all she has to go home to is leftovers and a rerun of Scrooged, she’s counting the minutes. That is, until she runs into a handsome stranger in the break room, where they find themselves the butt of an annoying co-worker’s joke. Mistletoe hangs above them, and he will not let them out of the traditional kiss.

So Celia finds herself lip-locked in a spectacular kiss with the stranger, only to find out later, he’s none other than the regional manager, Jason Fielding. Yikes!

While Jason finds himself bowled over by Celia’s kiss, he’s unhappy with certain store policies, one of which sees the entire staff working on Christmas Eve. So, he pitches in taking a register beside Celia, a great opportunity to flirt a little more with the pretty checkout girl. When the last shopper’s locked out, Jason invites Celia to his parents’ house for their annual Christmas Eve dinner party. Having nothing else to do for the night, she accepts, never knowing the house is a minefield of, you guessed it, mistletoe. What becomes of all this holiday cheer, mistletoe and kissing?

Well, if you want to find out, the spicy, cheery holiday short that is Mistletoe Magic is a free read from Christine Pope, available for download from her site, and at Pink Petal Books both in ebook formats. I’ve had this one hanging around on my ebook reader for a while and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I know people who work in the retail sector and Celia’s frustration with holiday crowds is quite spot-on with what I’ve heard from them. So, do check this out if you’d like, and please, be kind to the store clerks behind the counters this season. 🙂 Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays all!


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