Joanne Rock’s Under Wraps

Under Wraps by Joanne Rock
Harlequin Enterprises, LTD

Under Wraps

by Joanne Rock

Published by Harlequin Blaze.

(My review copy came from Ms. Rock. 🙂 Thanks, Joanne!)

In Joanne Rock‘s Blaze title Under Wraps, Marnie Wainright’s left her previous employment behind under not too pleasant circumstances. Though she’s a little perplexed and hurt at her abrupt dismissal she really loves the work she does at her new agency, Lose Yourself, which offers specialty vacations for the adventurous and with the holidays approaching, business is booming.

She doesn’t know however, that someone is watching her.

PI Jake Brennan’s fallen for Marnie, while staking out her new digs at Lose Yourself. She may or may not be involved in the corporate embezzling that led to her dismissal, and Jake sure hopes not. What a damper that might put on the fantasies he’s been having—and the collection of tapes of her he’s made all for himself—I mean, for his case, of course. 😉

But Marnie’s found his hidden cameras and is *furious*. While he sets off on his the next leg of his hunt for the embezzler, Marnie refuses to be left behind. Of course, since their destination is a decidedly adult resort in upstate NY, they may have to falsify more than their ID’s. They can keep the sparks between them at bay, right?

Meanwhile, the desk clerk Lianna is charged by her boyfriend Alec to watch for “newcomers” to the resort. Marnie and Jake fit that bill, so she begins following them, and comes in handy when Marnie’s dragged into a locked room with a couple thugs. But Jake’s pretty sure she’s up to no good, he also thinks the hulking twin brother Raul and Rico might be part of the scheme.

How’s he supposed to keep Marnie safe with all these threats? Who’s really after her?

More importantly, what’s the ultra-sexy resort going to do to their inhibitions, and the incredible heat sizzling between them?

😉 You’ll have to read Under Wraps to find out.

Don’t let the holiday theme deter you, Joanne Rock handles the plot so well, the sprinkles of holiday cheer didn’t glare as much as other holiday themed books might. I’m my opinion I think her book could really be read at any time of the year just as easily. Any fan of contemporary romance, holiday-flavored romance, and romances with a little sizzle will enjoy Under Wraps, I think. (and if you wanted to gift it for Christmas, well, you won’t be disappointed). If you’d like a copy, it’s still available via in Kindle format, and has the Nook version, and also in paperback.


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