AJ Nuest’s Jezebel’s Wish

cover art by RJ Morris

Jezebel’s Wish

by AJ Nuest

published by The Wild Rose Press

(review copy provided by the author–thank you, AJ, sweets! :))

In Jezebel’s Wish, Romance author AJ Nuest’s debut novel for The Wild Rose Press, she tells the story or Jezebel a who comes home to Wisconsin to try and heal from the scars left behind in Chicago, scars caused by the accidental death of her fiancé. She has a hard enough time trying to fit into her mother’s life, let alone acclimate herself to the horse ranch her mother’s purchased since her last visit home, Redemption Ranch. She’s also acquired a love for a very noisy, somewhat ornery, heart-stoppingly handsome horse by the name of The Reverend, who at first, drives Jezzy up the wall with his penchant for noisy morning calisthenics.
Add to that, the arrival of sexy veterinarian Matthias (Matty) Saunders who drives Jezzy crazy with his boyish charm, and penchant for answering her questions with a question, and Jezzy wonders why she ever came home to begin with.

On the other hand, Matthias sure is irresistible and he can’t seem to stop thinking of Jezzy either.

However, Jezzy just can’t seem to let go of the horrific accident, nor her guilt over the thought that her wish to be rid of her fiancé might have caused it. Can Matty find a way to convince her she’s wrong, and that indeed she can survive to find love again, with him? You’ll have to read to find out.

Part romance, part Women’s fiction, AJ Nuest’s fabulous, heart wrenching story, Jezebel’s Wish should please fans of both. I do warn you, though, keep the tissue’s handy. You’ll need them!

If you’d like to try it, it’s available for e-book and in paperback at The Wild Rose Press, for the Kindle at Amazon (and in paperback there too) and for the Nook and in paperback at


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