Drekmore by Rebecca L. Evans.

Have you read this series? It’s an epic fantasy about a Magi and Zarina, the Elf King’s daughter, out to save the “Winged Ones” and claim their rightful places in their world–and the really nasty SOB who tries to get in their way. The books in Ms. Evans’ series are as follows:

Journey to Drekmore is book one  and available (currently free) on Kindle here.


Enter the World of Coren. A place where legend is reality and reality is an old forgotten myth.

A reclusive young mage is brought into a fiery princess’s quest to free the Ancient Winged Ones from their prison within the Glass Dome. From the heart of the Elf King’s kingdom, his granddaughter sets out on her quest with her cousin by her side. In a chance encounter in the Wild Woods of her grandfather’s kingdom, the princess and her cousin are best upon by the Immortal’s men. It is only when they encounter the mage in a small village known as Grekan, as a trial is underway for the punishment of a crime committed long ago, does the mage realize exactly what he is being drawn into? A savage attack by the Speaker of the Wild Woods leaves the princess on death’s door. Her only hope for survival is that of the reluctant mage. Will he do what is right? Will he turn her over to the Immortal? Find out what happens……….

Book two is titled Zareth (and is on Kindle here, for the Nook, here, and at Smashwords here)


A little more than a year has passed since the Magi Master laid claim to the hand of the Elf King’s granddaughter, upsetting both the population of the Elf King’s kingdom and the Immortal Gilane, who now rules Silveria in his father’s stead.

A Crimson Warrior who shares a storied past with the Magi Master’s wife is captured by the Immortal and tortured for information concerning both the Magi Master and his bride. His love for the Elf King’s granddaughter keeps him from telling any part of what he knows to the Immortal.

The forces of the Red Lady’s and Green General’s army has stationed itself within the rebuilding castle of Zareth, ancestral home of Lord Camaron’s wife. They manage to distract the Immortal from any interest in the castle while they rebuild it by barely moving any men other than to show a flurry of laid back activity in rebuilding the castle.

A daring move by the Magi Master brings the princess and her cousin back together within the walls of the rebuilt castle.

book three is titled Drekmore. it’s available at Smashwords and Amazon.


In a desperate bid to free those he loves from the reign of the Immortal, the Magi signs a bloodbond. The bloodbond is an ancient contract between the signee and the elves Lord God. While he knows that this choice may leave some questioning his tactic, the Magi knows that the only way to end the Immortal interference with the lives of those he loves more than his own life, he willingly signs his life away with the bloodbond. Knowing that the Immortal will never cease in his fascination with the Elf King and his family, the Magi resolves that the only method in which he can end the Immortal’s tyranny over the elven kingdoms is to offer him what he desires the most – the identity of the Magi, himself. It is a desperate gamble, and one he does not take lightly. In an effort to prepare for the eventuality that lurks with the bloodbond, the Magi begins the harsh distancing of himself from those he needs the mos

Volume four is titled The Blood Bond’s Price. It too is available at Smashwords and Amazon.

The price of the blood bond is calling. The Magi feels the call of the Immortal’s demands more frequently. An unexpected price is paid when the Magi’s wife is returned to him with the blood of another within her. As the dangers increase and the attacks against the Magi become more prevalent, the Magi begins to prepare for for the final battle. A battle that he will have no option to control or fight back against. The price of the bond is calling. Deals have been made, bargains created. Only with the blood can the price be paid.

The author sent me copies of the books as Rebecca released them and I’ve found it to be quite an interesting world. Four books comprise the series, so if you want to give another indie a chance, do check it out. Book five is coming soon…I believe she said. 🙂


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