Showcase Sunday-#1

Well, yes, I found a new meme. 🙂 Thanks to Books, Biscuit, and Tea. (a very nice blog, by the way. Do go check it out!)

Her “Showcase Sunday” is designed to show off–showcase, if you will–books and goodies received and procured in the past week.

So I haven’t been buying much the last few weeks (too busy) but …I did finally get one I’ve been salivating over meaning to get for a while. What is that, you ask?

Charmed Ever After, by Gabriella Hewitt. It’s a modern retelling of Cinderella, and just perfect for those fans of *cough* Once Upon A Time. I must admit, it was the first thing I thought of when she introduced the book to me. So, I finally went out and snagged me a copy. Interested? The story goes thusly, according to her site:

Doesn’t every princess deserve a prince charming and their happily ever after?
Obviously not for Cuban-American Princess, Rosario Garcia, the eldest daughter of the Jersey City werewolves. The last minute thrown together gaudy nightmare was not how she pictured her wedding day and Rosario is not taking kindly to the forced marriage to the arrogant alpha wolf of Hoboken, NJ. Unfortunately, her choices are limited and the marriage necessary to unite the warring clans, but that can all change if she finds her missing uncle and fourteen million dollars. What’s a girl to do?

She has three choices:
1) Run-away and join the circus
2) Sell her kidney and other unnecessary body parts to raise millions of dollars
3) Call upon her fairy-godmother

When Rosario accepts the antique ceremonial dagger from her crazy, drunken fairy-godmother, Madrina Hady, as a wedding gift, she never in her wildest dreams figured it would be the key to escaping her impending wedding. Only now she is trapped in fairyland with Prince Charming! Normally she wouldn’t complain but he has declared war on werewolves and if she is not careful, she’ll end up in the dungeons too. Will she be able to solve the mystery behind her missing uncle and find a way out of fairyland to get back in time to stop her own clans from warring? Or will she be Charmed Ever After by Prince Charming?

The Trailer:

Interesting, eh? 🙂  If you’d like to read more, there’s an excerpt on Gabriella’s site here.

The book is available for Kindle, Nook, via ITunes, Kobo for epub, and at Smashwords. Enjoy!


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