Too Sinful to Deny by Erica Ridley

cover copyright by Kensington BooksToo Sinful to Deny
Erica Ridley

(Author provided my review copy)

In historical romance author Erica Ridley’s second novel, Too Sinful to Deny, she continues her Gothic series, begun in Too Wicked To Kiss. Too Sinful to Deny brings Susan Stanton to center stage. Susan, London socialite and gossipmonger, has a problem. She’s angered her mother and father one too many times, and they’ve sent her to live with her cousin in the small seaside town of Bournemouth to “think about her actions”.

The only thing Susan wants to think of, though, are ways to get home. The small town is just simply too small for her, and there’s something incredibly creepy going on in her cousin’s home. In fact, she hasn’t actually seen her cousin since she arrived. She has, however, run across and made instant enemies of the town seamstress, several pirates, and found herself ferrying messages for a ghosts or two—one, the brother of the handsome Evan Bothwick—the town’s rogue.

All Evan wants to know is who killed his brother, and what secret was he hid on his last pirating jaunt.

He certainly doesn’t want to know a thing about Susan, or the trouble she causes in his home. Nor does he want to fall in love with her. Susan doesn’t want to fall in love with him. All she wants is to get home. And with so many plots afoot, and so few to trust, the question is, will she get home alive? Will Evan survive or end up going to the gallows for piracy, himself?

You’ll have to try Ms. Ridley’s novel, Too Sinful to Deny, yourself to find out. If you’d like to try it, it’s  available at Amazon for Kindle and paperback, and Books-a-Million.

Too Sinful to Deny is a playful romp peppered with ghosts in peril, and scary butlers with mischief on their minds. If you looking for a modern spin on the Gothic, with a heroine who’s anything but a shrinking violet, this is your book.


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