Minna and The Valentine by S.G. Rogers

Minna & The Valentine by S.G. Rogers
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Minna & the Valentine


S.G. Rogers

(review copy provided by author. *waves* Thanks, S.G.!)

Minna & the Valentine is a charming fantasy tale by S. G. Rogers. Minna is a young woman with special talents. She’s a wizard but her father, legendary dragon jockey Wynn Westerfield, has a problem with wizards since one ruined his last game, and his career. He won’t have anything to do with wizards, and doesn’t want to acknowledge Minna is one. Nor does he want her honing her talents.

Unfortunately, the great wizard Thaddeus Bartholomew, whisks into town accompanied by his latest protégé, the handsome Evan Valentine. They desperately need Minna’s help retrieving an enchanted knife.  Evan doesn’t need distractions right now as he’s about to graduate—but boy does Minna present one serious diversion!

The question of their entwined destinies and mutual attraction must wait, however. Before they can make any concrete plans—such as picking out an engagement ring—they must travel to an alternate universe and retrieve that knife, before the fabric of reality unravels.

S.G. RogersMinna & the Valentine is a short, sweet fantasy romance, with just a hint of YA elements. Don’t let the title fool you: this one isn’t a holiday title, so it can be read any time. It might even make a good beach read. I’m pleased to say Ms. Rogers gifted me with my reading copy, and again, though my only complaint would be I wish it was a wee bit longer  😉 I enjoyed it very much. I can honestly say I think fans of fantasy, dragons, wizards and alternative worlds will find it delightful too. If you’d like to check it out, Minna & the Valentine, is available for Kindle at Amazon, and Nook at or at Astraea Press’ website.

To learn more about S.G. and her works, see her website here.


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