Patty G. Henderson’s Bag of Souls

The Brenda Strange Files: The Bag of Souls
cover art by Boulevard Photografica

The Brenda Strange Files: “The Bag of Souls”
An Unsolved Brenda Strange Case
by Patty G. Henderson

Written by award-winning supernatural mystery author Patty G. Henderson, she revisits our favorite P.I. Brenda visits Milport, Maine, where an old friend of hers and Tina’s lives. Dana and Cheryl have a very odd tale to tell our dear Brenda. Paranormal activity, they say in their letter. It’s enough to entice Brenda to brave the late fall chill.

The women tell her they’ve found a bag hanging in their tree. When they removed it, they found it empty. Suddenly they began experiencing strange nightmares, they’ve heard noises they can’t explain. Dana even claims she fears something is trying to possess her. They fear something even worse is on the horizon.

Intrigued, Brenda agrees to stay with them for a night.

What happens during the night? You’ll have to read to find out. The Brenda Strange Files: “The Bag of Souls” An Unsolved Brenda Strange Case is a short little entry in the Brenda Strange Supernatural Mysteries—and one very creepy one! As usual, Patty G. Henderson has done an excellent job, evoking a sense of mystery into even the most mundane of situations. Her handling of the supernatural elements is one to be admired. If you’ve never read any Brenda Strange books before this just might be an excellent introduction, and for fans, it’s an intriguing little nibble. Do check it out. It’s available at Amazon for Kindle*.

*Where I purchased my reading copy.


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