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Top 5 Sunday

When I saw this come up on Larissa’s Bookish Life, I had to do this one. The question for today’s Top Five Sunday?

Favorite Names of Female Characters!

Why did I have to do this? To be frank, I’ve read a lot of fantasy, sf, and urban fantasy throughout my life and the genre has such colorful choices for names. Or used to. Yes, I said it. Let’s be frank. Most of the names authors choose to name their characters these days are boring.
Exiles: Ruins of Ambrai

Here’s my list.

Bane of the Black Sword1. Myshella, Zarozinia, Yishana–From Michael Moorcock’s Chronicles of the Black Sword series, of course.
2. Glenin and Caliet and Elseveth Garvedian from the Exiles series by Melanie Rawn and Camigwen and Ianthe from her Dragon Prince series.
3. Galrion from Katherine Kerr’s Daggerspell
4. Azhrarn the Beautiful, Sivesh and Ferazhin from Tanith Lee’s Flat Earth Series.
5. Niobe from With A Tangled Skein by Piers Anthony.

Now, really….seriously? Granted Niobe is probably the most familiar character name in that list, but how can names like Kitty, Anita, and Rachel stand up to those interesting and creative names? Don’t get me wrong, I love the these series (Kitty‘s, Anita‘s and Rachel‘s, I mean), but *yawn* such  pedestrian names!!!! I’m old school, I know, but I have to wonder, have we really become so lazy as writers, and readers, that we can’t wrap our heads around the exotic names which the exotic locales (and yes, a side-skewed America that we see in UF is exotic) of Fantasy and SF should require? *sigh* But that’s just my quirk….(And yes, I’m guilty of naming my characters boring normal names too, but I prefer the more exotic ones! 😉 I wish the trend would come back!)

Ahem. What are your favorite heroine names?


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