Sunday showcase…one day late

Here’s this Sunday–erm Monday’s–version of the Sunday Showcase.

Thanks to Books, Biscuit, and Tea for this meme

Sorry. I got busy and didn’t get a chance to post this…mostly finishing up other books. So watch for falling book reviews. 🙂A Lesbian Romance

This week, I have a few things new: I forgot to report this one a few weeks back: The Secret of Lighthouse Pointe by Patty G. Henderson, ARC from the author. (available now on Amazon)

The White Tree by Edward W. Robertson (Currently free on Amazon)

Dreaming Josie by Susan Macatee (currently free on Smashwords)

From the library I picked up a few things for research: Deception, by  author Lee Nichols

So that’s me this week. I’m starting Patty’s and Deception and so far, so good. 🙂 I’ll post some little Teasers here eventually. So what’d y’all get this week?

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