Tuesday Teaser–The Secret of Lighthouse Pointe

From Patty G. Henderson‘s recent Lesbian Gothic Romantic Suspense:

A Lesbian RomanceThe Secret of Lighthouse Pointe (Patty G. Henderson)
– Highlight Loc. 1114-23  | Added on Monday, September 03, 2012, 09:22 PM

What should she do? The skies had darkened so that it appeared to be near dusk instead of afternoon. Would the snow be far behind?

She’d noticed another window to the side of the house as she approached and decided to see if perhaps Mr. Kane was asleep in his private room and could not hear her knock. With the weather turning fierce, she had nowhere else to take shelter. Gerard House was too long a walk and she didn’t think she could make it back before the worse of the storm took hold. What had she to lose?

Pulling her bonnet tighter around her head and turning up the collar of her coat around her neck, she began toward the right side of the house where the warm glow from a lighted candle in the window still gave her hope of finding Mr. Kane.

The ground was hard from the frost and she had to lean against the wind in order to prevent being pushed down on her backside.

She gave a sigh of relief that the window, if she stood on the tip of her toes, was at eye level. With her cold and stiff fingers, she gripped the window ledge and pushed herself up on her toes.

The few butterflies in her belly quickly turned into a roaring flock as she froze at the vision just beyond the window. George Kane stood naked in the bedroom, having just removed a most unusual corset. To her complete amazement, George Kane was a woman!

hehehe. No, This isn’t you’re typical romance (not by a long shot), but I loved it. Patty, as ever, did a fantastic job with it, and I liked *ahem* Not-George myself. She’s quite the hero!

Want to read more? Here’s the blurb from Patty’s site:

From the moment she stepped foot in the ominous and towering Gerard House, Constance Beechum sensed an evil chill that was far more deadly than the frigid blasts that had buffeted her on her way to Castine, Maine. She couldn’t turn back. She had left nothing behind, not even a life-line. Her uncle had found her a job caring for the old and dying Lady Elizabeth Gerard.

Although she hadn’t an ounce of experience in nursing or caring for the ill, Constance had no choice but to accept the offer. She was penniless. Once she meets Lady Gerard’s two sons, Edward and Roger, and Edward’s wife, Catherine, she becomes more certain that there is danger in Gerard House.

The Gerard’s had left no doubt that she was unwelcome. Constance could not know then that she had become a stumbling block to their evil intentions. They had no desire to wait for Lady Gerard to die.

And now Constance, and her discovery of a long hidden secret, presented a new threat. But she had found the woman of her dreams, a true love in the face of evil, and she was determined to fight any obstacle to keep that love.

If you wish to give it a try it’s available at Amazon, Lulu (for Epub), and paperback.

Here’s the trailer for the book:

If you’d like to learn more about Patty and her works, visit her site at:

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Juli D. Revezzo is a writer of paranormal fantasy who always finds a way to add a splash of magic into her work. Ghosts and gods drive a certain witch up the wall in her Antique Magic series. Book one, THE ARTIST’S INHERITANCE, is available at Amazon, Createspace, and Smashwords.


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