Tuesday Teaser–Mistletoe & Montana

Tuesday Teasers (A Meme by Should Be Reading…)

My choice for this week is something to get you all in the holiday mood.

Mistletoe & Montana


Anna Small

From Chapter Two:

“They’re closing the airport.  A big storm, or something.”
“Probably another blizzard.” The animosity in Ben’s eyes was gone. His excitement at having the kids to himself for a month had replaced his anger at her. “When can you leave?”

Abrupt. Cool.

“They said to call back once the storm passes. How long will that take? Two, three days?” She could only hope that a hotel other than the Rancher’s Roost was available. They’d passed it on the way to Ben’s place, and she’d nearly shivered at the idea of sleeping there.

“This isn’t Malibu, princess.  It might take a week for the storm to pass, and then another week or so for the snow to melt. You’d better call your agent and tell her to inform Spielberg.”

“Mom doesn’t work with him,” Ian said. Joely smiled inwardly at Ben’s humbled look.

“I know. Sorry.” He looped his thumbs threw his jeans pockets. “Well, we should settle the kids and I’ll call Mrs. Gomez to babysit. Then I’ll drive you into town…”

“Nooo!” Molly’s wail split the air. “Mommy, stay with us!” Molly jumped up and down. Ian gave her a brief, hopeful glance before turning his attention to his piece of pie Ben had waiting for him the minute they entered the house.

“I…I can’t stay here, sweetie.” She avoided Ben’s eyes, concentrating instead on her daughter. “I’ll stay in town, and then hop on another plane once the airport opens.”

Molly buried her face in Joely’s skirt. “Don’t go! Please, don’t go! Daddy will let you stay.”

Her helpless tears only made things worse. Joely tried not to notice the flush spreading across Ben’s face. He was probably embarrassed the kids didn’t want to stay with him alone, but that was how they acted when it was his turn to drop them off with her.

“Daddy, please!” Molly abandoned Joely to grip her father around his waist.

“It’s just for a few days,” he said, not looking at Joely and smoothing back Molly’s ringlets.

It wasn’t as if the house wasn’t big enough. There were at least six bedrooms and enough space so she wouldn’t have to be in the same room with him if she didn’t want. She hesitated before responding, but some look of relief in Ian’s eyes confirmed her decision.

“OK,” she said softly, giving Molly a quick hug. “Mommy will stay.”
“Yay!” Molly cried, then tugged her hand. “Sleep in my bed! Sleep in my bed!”

Ben’s look told her she sure as hell wasn’t sleeping in his bed.


Mistletoe and Montana


Thanks to a blizzard, actress Joely Burbank is forced to spend the holidays at her ex-husband’s Montana ranch when she delivers their kids for Christmas vacation. But some magical mistletoe may be all Joely and Ben need to rekindle a love that never really ended.

If you’d like to try it out. Mistletoe and Montana is available now at for Kindle.


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