A review of Calisa Rhose’s Home



Calisa Rhose

(My review copy purchased at The Wild Rose Press)

Romance author Calisa Rhose’s debut for The Wild Rose Press, Home, concerns a strange little doll called the Scrimshaw Doll. A veteran just returned from the Vietnam War, Sam Callahan, finds his mother, now a widow and bent out of shape about the doll. It is, she insists, cursed and because she sold it, her life seems out of control.


What Sam thinks is out of control is her marbles, though. He can’t do anything but heed her wishes to have a talk with the woman to whom she sold the doll and see if he can get it back. Before he can do that, however, he runs into—literally—the woman’s daughter, Poppy Tippen. In fact, she helps him when everyone in the grocery store glares and calls him things like Baby Killer, she stares down their gaping neighbors on his behalf.


Grateful for her help, Sam avoids the subject of the doll, yet can’t avoid the fact that he’s drawn to the outcast gypsy girl in a major way. She seems to calm his shell shock, but more than that, he finds himself falling in love with her.


But with their parents fighting over that stupid doll, what are they going to do?


You’ll have to read Home to find out!


This is a charming novella and poignant look at the life of a veteran, a winning effort for the debut novelist. If you like tales of life in the 60s, or romances with a hint of the paranormal, give Calisa Rhose’s Home a try. The book is available in ebook format at The Wild Rose Press*, at Amazon for Kindle, and Barnes and Noble for the Nook.

My rating? 4 3/4 pearls. I hope y’all enjoy it.

**If you’d like to learn more about Calisa and her work, see her site at:

or follow her on Facebook, Good Reads, and/or Twitter

Also, I posted a Q and A with her, here, a few weeks back, which you might enjoy.

*Where I purchased my reading copy.


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