CL Wilson’s Lady of Light and Shadow

I’ve got another book review for …whoever wants to take a peek at it. 🙂 Of a C.L. Wilson novel.see it here

And, I’ve been writing, as per usual. Finished up a new short story this morning with which I’m pretty happy. 🙂 So all in all, it’s been a good week, so far. Anyway, review:


Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson
Lady of Light and Shadows by C.L. Wilson

In Lady of Light and Shadows, the second book in C.L. Wilson’sTairen Soul series, Ellysetta and Rain’s courtship continues, and Ellysetta continues to discover the secrets of her own power and the draw of her love for the Fae and the Tairen Soul. But on the peripheral, dark shadows are massing, doubt, fear and hatred is pushing its way across the kingdom of Celieria, intensifying and directing itself at the Fae in a disturbing manner.


A dark demon is hunting Ellysetta, determined to turn all she loves against her; to claim her allegiance, her untapped power, indeed her very soul for his own. And her own mother determined to rent the evil from her daughter’s soul, turning her into the hands of her trusted Church of Light.


Though Rain Tairen Soul can feel its source, knows the Elden Mages are strengthening, and can feel them at work all around him, it seems his arguments are falling on deaf ears, in the royal council; why even the queen herself is against him, and every shadow is beginning to be miss-named. After all, he dreaded dahl’reisen Gallen wouldn’t come calling unless instructed by his brother Fae . . . would he? Many see it so, and the deck seems stacked against Rain and his kin.


But are they all fooled? What plans do the powers around them hide? Where is the evidence Rain so desperately needs to convince the Celierian nobleman of their power, when only a very few trust him? And what lurks inside the walls of the Church of Light, waiting for Ellysetta, and the powers locked within her?

Will the couple even survive to make it to their wedding night?


You’ll have to read Lady of Light and Shadows for yourself and find out!


And yes, I reiterate my statement regarding the previous book in this series (reviewed earlier–see below for link), this is a fantastic, blazing fantasy romance, one that ups the ante previously set forth, and literally left me in tears. Yes, it was that good. 🙂 So do put this second book in this fantastic series on your to be read lists folks.  Believe me when I say, all lovers of fantasy and romance won’t be sorry they checked them out! You can get a copy of this fantastic novel at Amazon, Dorchester Press, Barnes and Noble, Borders–online or at their local store locations. Enjoy.


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