Another Christmas review

Heather Graham's Home in Time for Christmas
cover art by Mira/Harlequin

In South Florida resident and romance author Heather Graham’s latest novel (sent to me by the lovely folks at Mira/Harlequin), Home In Time For Christmas, she sets us out on a cold Christmas Eve day to watch the execution of Jake Mallory, Revolutionary War writer, and soldier. But fate has something else in store for him, as the noose tightens, rose petals scatter across the scaffold, havoc erupts . . .
And meanwhile, in the twenty-first century, artist Melody Tarleton is driving down snow-slick Boston roads on her way home to spend Christmas with her family, when she runs down a man standing in the street—a man wearing the uniform of a Revolutionary soldier.

She picks him up, dusts him off, and even though he’s dressed oddly, and babbling about fighting against the British and being hanged as a traitor, Melody takes him home. Surely his memory will return, she thinks, particularly once her wacky family gets a hold of him. Right?

Because all he needs is to get his memory of his real life back, and he’ll be able to go home. Of course. Who would believe Jake Mallory’s story, after all? Melody certainly doesn’t.

And yet, despite that, there’s something oddly sincere about the way Jake tells his story, about his love for his sister Serena, something that makes Melody hope and pray he gets his memory back, so she indeed, won’t have to admit she’d fallen in love with a madman.

She has enough insanity in her life after all, with a backwards-looking beau, her mother’s attempts at magic, and free-thinking friends, her father’s endless inventions and experiments (time travel and black holes being only one of his latest tools), and her brother’s kooky insistence on adopting every stray in sight—including Jake. Melody could use a little sanity, but . . . Jake just insists on this story of the Revolutionary war . . . But could he be right? And can a girl from the twenty-first century and man from the eighteenth really find a way to be together for Christmas, and ever after?

You’ll have to check out Home in Time For Christmas, to learn the answer to that.

Ms. Graham’s Christmas story is poignant, funny in places, and even sometimes, profound. The history as well, is so beautifully drawn, that one finds oneself wondering if there really was a Jake Mallory living during Revolutionary times, hoping time portals might actually exist, and rose petals might perform miracles. 🙂 And hey, it’s just right for this time of year, isn’t it? Do give this pretty little tale a try.
You can no doubt find this one at any local Borders or Barnes and Noble, or at Amazon,Harlequin, etc. Enjoy and ….have a lovely Christmas!

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