The Accidental Immortal by S.G. Rogers

The Accidental Immortal by S.G.Rogers
cover design by Kelly Shorten/Musa Publishing

The Accidental Immortal


S.G. Rogers

(review copy provided by  the fine folks at Musa Publishing)

In The Accidental Immortal, the second volume in the Asgard Adventure series by fantasy romance author S.G. Rogers, Dani Avery, newly accidentally immortal, finds herself shunned by the other immortals of Asgard, and what’s worse, charged with stealing the Cup of Immortality! Odin thus casts her from Asgard, so to remain with her beloved Prince Rein would be an impossibility.

Which is quite all right with the royal family since they wish Rein to marry another: Leanna, princess of the faeries.

However, her ire up, Dani’s determined to prove her innocence. With Rein’s help, and with the help of her friend, the Druid and author Emrys Drew, she sets out to find the whereabouts of the Cup of Immortality. But the theft turns out to be part of a bigger conspiracy than she could’ve imagined. What’s going on, and who wants Dani out of the way? Will Leanna and Rein marry, or will Dani win the prince’s hand? Or will Dragon, Friday’s guard dog, fry them first?

You’ll have to read The Accidental Immortal to find out.

Ms. Rogers return to the world of Asgard is something fans of any fantasy will enjoy. And of course her humor remains. While The Accidental Immortal continues the series, I think anyone could pick the story up here and follow along quite well. If you’ve read the first, however you should enjoy this chance to get another look into this world of gods, furry dragons 😉 and BureacRats. If my guess is correct there will be another in series, but in the meantime, if you’d like to check The Accidental Immortal out it’s available at Amazon,, Smashwords, or the Musa Publishing* website.

For more of the work of S.G. Rogers see her website at: or follow her on twitter: @suzannegrogers . You can also find here my reviews of her other works: The Druid, and Tournament of Chance or my interview this summer with her for the Examiner.


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