Review: The Christmas Ball by Susan Macatee

thechristmasballHistorical romance author Susan Macatee’s latest holiday tale for The Wild Rose Press’ American Rose line, The Christmas Ball, tells the story of young Sara Brewster. She signed up for the war to feed her family. Now she passes the war as a young man, under the tutelage of the handsome Dr. Kirk Ellison, helping the wounded and dying. No one the wiser about her true sex until the day she takes a sniper’s bullet.

When Kirk gets a good look at her injured thigh, he finds out her secret, but so relieved to find the young man he’s taken a liking to, promises not to reveal it. The kiss they share only deepens his resolve. But with the holidays upon them, he’s about to be shipped up to Washington, D.C. If Sara remains behind, it’s certain someone will discover she’s not what she seems, and send her home in shame.

Kirk has other plans, and so does his family. A Christmas ball should be just the thing to reveal this secret.

What happens? You’ll have to try Susan Macatee’s The Christmas Ball to find out. If you are a fan of historical romance, and Christmas romances, I think you’ll enjoy this. If you’d like to give it whirl in your own ebook readers (or those you might find under the Christmas tree!), The Christmas Ball is available at The Wild Rose Press*, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

*Where I purchased my reading copy.

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