Elizabeth Hoyt, To Desire A Devil

devilTo Desire A Devil

by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Series: Legend of the Four Soldiers, book four

cover art: Alan Ayers



My reading copy provided by Grand Central Publishing.


In To Desire A Devil, the final title in the Legend of the Four Soldiers series by bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt, the author introduces readers to Beatrice Corning, a proper English Miss, and Reynaud St. Aubyn, Viscount Hope, a wrecked English soldier. Beatrice has been pining over a portrait of the missing Reynaud for years. The idea that he would ever come stumbling into one of her proper tea parties was the furthest thing from her mind. The problem is, he is the rightful heir to the title, but Beatrice’s uncle claimed it, when it was clear that Reynaud wasn’t coming home. Now he has and Beatrice is torn between supporting her uncle’s claim to the title, or Reynaud’s. She loves them both, but can’t let go of her romantic view of the former Earl. But the reality is far from the dream, as Reynaud still suffers scars, and nightmares, from his time in the colonies; dreams and delusions that seem to come at the oddest times; but they give her hope, in that he’s not the only injured war veteran she knows, and if he can reclaim his title in time, perhaps he can help her push a bill through parliament that shall help all veterans.


That is, if he can decipher what actually happened at Spinner’s Falls, and who betrayed the English regiments; if reclaim his title at all, when several ne’er do wells would rather see him go without, if not dead. For clearly someone is at fault and willing to do anything to hide their involvement, even kill….


You can read the rest of this reivew at the Examiner, please.


Though the fine folks at Grand Central Publishing provided me with this reading copy, you can get find this at Borders, or Barnes and Noble stores, or online at barnesandnoble.comBorders, or at the Grand Central site itself, or *points to sidebar shyly* my Amazon, please? I give this novel:


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