Blood Rights by Kristen Painter


I thought I had this darned thing set to go last week. Stupid WP timer!

Anyway, yes. An actual book review!

hehe. Yeah, I do finish one from time to time. Ahem…

In Blood Rights* by romance author Kristen Painter she introduces a new series and a new type of vampire lore. Crysabelle is a comarré, a beautiful vampire consort, a bit like a geisha whose body is laced with intricate golden tattoos, and hired for her pure, sweet blood. Yet, when her patron turns up dead, she’s held to blame. She runs from the scene of the crime to her family home, to end up in a vampire bar where a vampire on the verge of madness attacks her. She somehow follows him home, and decides his home is as good as any while she sorts things out.

The mad vampire (Malkolm) doesn’t really want to have anything to do with her. He’s got his own problems, followed by a ghost and plagued by the souls of those he’s killed, he’d rather just hide out from the world.

Too bad for him, Chrysabelle just can’t leave. She’s got to figure out who killed her patron and what’s so special about this ring she’s found in her patron’s apartments. If she could do it without having to ask Malkolm for help, because she’s falling for—I mean, loathes—him, all the better. Unfortunately, there’s a little matter of her spilled blood and her Blood Rights that Malkolm now holds.

On top of that, there’s a vampire with delusions of grandeur, who thinks she could be the vampire queen to end all queens out to get the both of them. What’s a girl to do? You’ll have to read to find out.

Putting aside all the public drooling over the gorgeous cover, for the story, itself, Blood Rights is a winner. The story was… good. I liked the way Kristen Painter built her world. It was different than any other vampire romance out there, and different is good. But… I thought she could’ve cut some of the clichés. Other than that though, I loved Painter’s world, I loved her ghost Fiona especially, and enjoyed the story. On the whole, if you enjoy Urban Fantasy and post-apocalyptic stories, if you enjoy vampires and dark paranormal romances, you should give this a try. It’s available at Amazon , Barnes and Noble and other fine bookstores.

*(FYI for Kindle and Nook, it’s currently at a reduced price as opposed to the pricey paperback.)

*This book was a personal purchase.


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