Tuesday Teaser–Red Haired Girl from the Bog.

Haven’t added much these last few weeks, but what I’m reading now…. The Red Haired Girl from the Bog. Here’s one of the myths she talks about:

redhairedgirlbogp. 61-60 Although infatuated fairies kidnap humans of both sexes, men are disproportionately at risk. While a few randy fairy kings … prefer plain-faced humans to the beauteous sidhe, the fairy mistress is by far the greater danger… Mortal men cannot resist the Leann Sidhe. Neither can Ireland’s immortals, as we learn from the great warrior Cúchulainn and his fairy lover Fand. In a dream she came to him, all cloaked in red, only to beat him until he lay near death. Cúchulainn awoke to find that neither medicine, nor magic could cure the injuries inflicted in the dream. For a year he lay in dire straits. Then, on Samhain eve–on Halloween, the day when the veil between our world and fairy fades away–Fand took Cúchulainn to her magical island in the west.

It’s that kind of speculation in the book that I’m enjoying about it. 🙂 Does that make me a geek? 🙂 Oh, well. I’ll live with it! Should you want to check it out, it’s available at Amazon.


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