Tuesday Teaser–July 2–Castle of Dark Shadows

Teaser Tuesday is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Miz of Should Be Reading where you share two (2) teaser sentences from your current read to try to entice others to want to seek it out. All you have to do is to grab your current read and open to a random page. Then pick and share two teaser sentences from the page without including spoilers. And lastly, include the title and the author of the book to encourage participants to add the book to their TBR lists.


castle_of_dark_shadow by Patty G. Henderson
-Loc. 189-200

Marion walked with us, very close by my side, to the second floor.

“Please don’t mind Cora. She can be blunt and sometimes lacks some of the etiquette a proper young lady should have…” She paused, briefly gazing away from me. “You see, she is…well, she is not right of mind. We try to humor her.”

I didn’t understand. What was wrong with her sister? Marion must have noticed my confusion because she smiled a tight smile.

“Forgive me, but this is somewhat awkward. You see, we don’t really have horses for Cora to ride. Cora has never been on a horse in her life.”

I was a bit shocked. What of the magnificent, black horses that Mr. Griffen had used to drive me here?

“I know you’re wondering about our Mr. Griffen’s beasts,” Marion said, “but they are not available to Cora. The horses and carriage are kept a distance from here where Mr. Griffen keeps house. Most likely, she would take a fall and kill herself on her first outing…” She paused, her gaze downcast. Her hand reached out and held mine. The warmth sent little shivers through me. Her eyes were dark, deep, with a wounded look. “Cora is not allowed outside of Dunraven, Miss Hampton. She would not be safe.”

I felt a great sadness overcome me. How horrible to be a prisoner in your own home. What happened to poor Cora Dunraven to drive her sister to lock the door and keep the key?


Olivia Hampton’s lifelong love of dark literature led her to accept a job as a cataloger for Julian Dunraven’s extensive but extremely disorderly library. The only problem is that the position requires her to work at Dunraven Castle, the remote and mysterious home of the Dunraven family. In Victorian America, a young lady had to either earn her keep or be married off to the best man for her hand. Olivia accepted the position at Dunraven Castle.

Olivia could not have guessed the dangers that awaited her in the exotic but darkly menacing castle. When there is an accident on the road to Dunraven, she wonders: Are the broken carriage wheels mere random misfortune or a sign foretelling doom? Olivia’s fears soon turn to mortal terror after a subsequent encounter with a terrifying faceless phantom disabuses her of the ‘random misfortune’ theory. Frightened but undaunted, she decides to put the nightmare behind her and throw herself into cataloging the enormous Dunraven library.

What Olivia could not have foreseen was the devastatingly beautiful Marion Dunraven’s effect on her heart. But the madness that seemed to curse the rest of the Dunraven family makes Olivia realize she must find a way to escape Dunraven Castle with her life and the woman she loves before they both become victims.

FYI: This is a Lesbian Gothic Romance (but, in case, you’re wondering, I’m married to a fine gentleman, and I still love everything Patty G. Henderson writes. In fact, her Brenda Strange series influenced my Antique Magic series. And yes, Patty is my very good friend, but you know me, if I didn’t love someone’s writing, I wouldn’t say otherwise.)

If you’d like to give it a shot, CASTLE OF DARK SHADOWS is available in Kindle and paperback from Amazon, and from Barnes and Noble


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