Review: Seducing Sigefroi by Vijaya Schartz

ssmediumcopySeducing Sigefroi

by Vijaya Schartz

(my review copy purchased at Amazon)

The plot of Seducing Sigefroi, in a nutshell goes like this: Melusine exiled princess of Stracyde, has been cursed by the Goddess for killing her father. Once a month she turns into an ondine. If she can convince Sigefroi, a noble knight and son of the Duke of Lorraine, to marry her of his own accord, and keep the secret in the face of the growing power of the Christian church, her curse will be broken and the noble knight will have blessings and power bestowed upon him. If he reveals her secret his family will be cursed for nine generations. That part’s a little hard for poor Sigefroi, first because he doesn’t know why his beautiful wife is slipping away once a month. It couldn’t possibly be that she’s the evil ondine of legend, could it? And second because his own brother is in the church hierarchy and suspects something’s not quite right with his sister-in-law. Why does she avoid all church services, after all?

Does her secret ever come to light?
You’ll have to read to find out.

Ms. Schartz did a fine job with this offering, and brought elements to the myth that fleshed Melusine out and made her a sympathetic character. I think fans of Fantasy romance will enjoy this steamy version of the myth and fans of the myth might find it interesting as well. If you would like to check it out Seducing Sigefroi is available at Amazon.

To learn more about Ms. Schartz work, see her website:


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