Sneak Peek Sunday – Erin’s Rebel 30

The paperback of Susan’s novel, Erin’s Rebel, is on sale for a measly $2.99. Perfect if you like paperback or are *gaspchokenotsosoon* starting to think about your Christmas shopping. 🙂 Check it out. I must admit, I couldn’t pass it up. 🙂

Susan Macatee Romance Writer

Another installment from the third chapter of my Civil War time travel romance.


Her fingers skimmed over the plain, deep blue leather cover. After opening it, she noted ragged edges where the first few pages had been torn out. The remaining pages had been penned with small, neat, cursive handwriting. Her hands stilled as she studied the script. The penmanship looked familiar. She could almost believe she’d written this, although she’d never before seen this journal.

Her heart thudded, and she tried to focus on the words.

“Hello, Miss Erin?”

Startled, she shut the book and shoved it back under the cot.

“Are you there?” A female voice with an Irish brogue preceded by a round, cheerful face, peered into the tent. “Sorry to disturb you, but Doc told me you’d be needing help.”

Erin closed the trunk and pushed it under the bunk to hide the book. She’d…

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