Susan Macatee’s new historical romance

The Physician’s Irish Lady is the new historical romance novella by author Susan Macatee, Susan Macatee's The Physician's Irish LadyHere she introduces Keara Fagan who has just arrived in America after a stint as an indentured servant in Australia. On a train to York, Philadelphia, Keara chances to faint at the feet of gallant Dr. Elliot James.

Sworn to care for the sick, Elliot can think of nothing better than to offer her a meal and shelter in his own home. But her background haunts her, and though Keara finds herself falling for Elliot, she can’t bring herself to tell him the whole truth.

The Physician’s Irish Lady is a sweet tale of two strangers meeting on a train, of the wish to do good going a little awry and yet….True love wins out in the end. Though I do wish it could’ve been a little longer–maybe because I’ve always enjoyed Susan Macatee‘s stories–I think, fans of Historical Romance, will find The Physician’s Irish Lady just as charming as I! If you’d like to check it out, the book is exclusively available at Amazon until 1/22/14 when it will be available at all e-retailers and The Wild Rose Press.

Disclosure: I got my copy of this book from Amazon.


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