Review: Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea

between_350Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea


Sophia Nash

Review copy provided by Avon.

Sophia Nash’s Regency Romance, Between the Duke and The Deep Blue Sea begins after a night of debauchery. One of many in the retinue of the Prince of Wales, Alexander Barclay, the Duke of Kress takes the Prince Regent’s wrath when scandal erupts all over England. Not that either Alex or the Prince have any memory of what happened that night. Doesn’t matter, the Prince charges Alex and his friends to find respectable marriages and settle down—as soon as inhumanly possible.

A survivor of the French Reign of Terror, and of prison time during the Pennisular War, Alex would rather just be left alone.

Lady Roxanne Vanderhaven has a predicament. Married to a lord who couldn’t care a whit about her mining fortune, he’s left her to dangle off the side of a cliff. She’s lucky to have Alex happen by and as he saves her she convinces him to take her home with him—and say nothing to her husband of her survival. She concocts an alias and settles into his home. And all the while the two work together to bring the wayward Lord to shame.

Between the Duke and the Deep Blue Sea by Sophia Nash is a different Regency Romance than you may be used to. A prince and pauper-type love story full of charming characters and whit. I for one fell in love with Roxanne as much as I did Alex—not to mention Alex’s aunt and several of their friends. It is the first in Sophia Nash’s  Royal Entourage series.


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