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Other Worlds for my otherworlds

Good evening all, I am really late in sharing this but I’ve been busy in my writing cave…(What can I say? Lately, it’s been the warmest room in the castle). But! I have also been bustling around on my Magic Tour and thanks to all the wonderful authors who’ve hosted me this last week. I very much appreciate your support, despite some of my self-made snafus! (*eep!*)

"Old Vintage Radio" by tungphoto/
“Old Vintage Radio” by tungphoto/

Tonight, I’m pleased to be Linda Mooney’s guest again on Other Worlds of Romance on Blog Talk Radio.

(Other worlds. Don’t you just love the name of her show? I do.)

The show starts at 11PM and I’ll be reading an excerpt from Passion’s Sacred Dance. You all know this one, I hope. 🙂 My debut paranormal romance novel from The Wild Rose Press. If you’d like to “tune in” the show will be online at….where else? Other Worlds of Romance.

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