Review: Castle of Dark Shadows


Castle of Dark Shadows

by Patty G. Henderson

(review copy given to me by author for honest review)

In Castle of Dark Shadows, Patty G. Henderson‘s heroine, Olivia Hampton arrives at the Dunraven family home as cataloger of their extensive library. What she doesn’t expect is a broken carriage wheel on the way. Nor a young girl whose mind is clearly gone, an old man in need of care himself (and doesn’t quite seem all there in Olivia’s opinion). Furthermore, Marion Dunraven, the only sane one of the bunch and the one Olivia is inexplicable drawn to, seems captive to everyone in the dusty old house. More importantly, she doesn’t expect to fall in love with Dunraven’s daughter Marion.

Can Olivia truly believe the stories of sadness and death that surround the house, or are they all just local neighborhood rumor?

Was that carriage trouble just a coincidence or a supernatural sign to stay away?

If she remains, will the Castle’s dark shadows take Olivia down with them or will she and Marion long enough to declare their love?

Patty G. Henderson has created an atmospheric and intriguing story in her Gothic tale. I found this to be an enjoyable read, even if it isn’t my usual preferred genre. I think, with this tale, I got hooked on the old Gothic romantic style. So I think fans of the genre (and of lesbian romances) will enjoy it. If you’d like to find out, Castle of Dark Shadows is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble in ebook formats and paperback.

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