One Red Shoe by Diane Burton

OneRedShoe_w400One Red Shoe


Diane Burton

Published by The Wild Rose Press

(My review copy was procured at Amazon)

In Diane Burton’s debut romantic suspense novel for The Wild Rose Press, One Red Shoe, Ms. Burton takes an aspiring writer away from her comfortable home with three overprotective brothers, to a writer’s conference, on the cusp of achieving her dreams. Unfortunately, she ends up slamming her way into the middle of an international spy caper. Our writer, Ms. Daria Mason scored several Nancy Drew novels in an indie shop in NYC, but …nature calls and drags her right past a spy who happens to be tending his wounds, and hiding from Russian assassins in the one bathroom in the place.

Sam Jozwiak can’t believe his luck, bleeding to death and at the mercy of a woman who has only basic first aid training, an imagination as long as her legs, and—as fate would have it—a mouth on her that she seems to be able to use to talk herself out of any situation. Not to mention a cute butt, and a charm he can’t resist.

Daria never expected she’d end up in the middle of a spy novel—regardless of whether or not she writes them. She is a bit naïve, though, and though she wiggles Sam out of one situation, how on Earth he’s going to keep her alive on their cross-country jaunt, Sam has no idea. How he’s going to keep his hands off her, and keep his tongue where it belongs, is another mystery in itself!

Diane Burton has penned a cute story of dreams detoured—but what a detour! I think any gal would love to meet up with Sam. It’s charming, and fun. I’ve laughed out loud many times while reading! Fans of international romantic intrigue novels—or Moonlighting—will enjoy this, I think. If you’d like to check it out it’s available in various ebook formats (and paperback) at: AmazonAll Romance EbooksBarnes and NobleItunes,  and The Wild Rose Press.

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