Camp Kiss by J.K. Rock



by J.K. Rock

Published by Spencer Hill Contemporary

(My review copy given for an honest review)

Young Adult romance writing team J.K. Rock has written a teen romance series that is garnering fine reviews from the top reviewers. This short YA novella, CAMP KISS*, is the prequel to their Camp Boyfriend series and concerns fourteen year old Lauren Carlson. Lauren faces yet another summer at Camp Juniper on the shores of the Nantahala River. Eager to see her friends, she doesn’t suspect that this year will be unlike any other. Her friends challenge her to a game of Truth or Dare. Since it’s a ritual with her cabinmates, what could go wrong?

But there is a surprise lying in wait for her friends challenge her to kiss Seth—her friend for, like, ever. Kissing him is the one thing she could never bring herself to do. Too many what-ifs stand in the way. Too many camp enemies.

Seth hasn’t had the best childhood, as his mother left when he was but a wee lad. But since his family runs Camp Juniper Point, he’s spent every moment he can in the outdoors. There’s always some work to be done here, but he’s taken time to get to know Lauren. So well, she knows all his secrets. She would never break his heart, would she?

Feelings spiral out of control, as the days grow longer, and finally they kiss. Yet, Lauren feels guilty about the dare. When no one but her cabinmates know about the dare, what could possibly go wrong? Well, you know how secrets are. What happens to Seth and Lauren? Will they confirm their feelings or will their summer at camp be ruined? You’ll have to read to find out.

Personally, I never had fond memories of camp. As I recall, I was pretty homesick the year I went and I don’t remember ever going again! *lol* However, I found CAMP KISS to be  a fun little novella geared mostly toward teens but I don’t see why older readers too couldn’t enjoy it. I did. I think it would make a fine beach read. If you’d like to check CAMP KISS out, it’s available at Amazon.

The next book in the series will be out in October.

*** procured my review copy for free from J.K. Rock through the Spencer Hill website (which, unfortunately, seems to be down, at the moment).

For more information on J.K. Rock and the Camp Boyfriend series see: or


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