Review: The Temporary Wizard of Locklynn

Temporary Wizard of Locklynn by S.G. RogersThe Temporary Wizard of Locklynn
S.G. Rogers.

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THE TEMPORARY WIZARD OF LOCKLYNN, the fourth in S.G. Rogers‘ charming YA fantasy series (YDEN). tells of another inhabitant of Yden, Ilene, who after completing her apprenticeship goes out into the world to find a job. However she learns there’s not much need for a female wizard. Until she stumbles into the town of Locklynn. They’ve been having trouble with their water supply and she thinks she has what it takes to alleviate their troubles.

The town has an infamous wizard: Kipp of the Bear clan, who has been in mourning since losing his wife. Well, he’s been in mourning quite a long time, and learning that, makes Ilene wonder if he might not be shirking his duties.

As the first female wizard the people of Locklynn have ever seen, she faces a host of difficulties. Ilene gets to work determined to overcome this obstacle. But fate has other plans, and throws Kipp in her way.

Can she fulfill her promise to the people of Locklynn? Or will Kipp prove too much of a distraction? You’ll have to read THE TEMPORARY WIZARD OF LOCKLYNN yourself and find out.

THE TEMPORARY WIZARD OF LOCKLYNN is short, cute tale of first assignments, disappointments, and a dash of young love–one I enjoyed very much and I think most readers of YA fantasy will too. If you’d like to give it a try, it is free on Smashwords  and Barnes and Noble.

For more on S.G. Rogers and her Yden series, see her site at: or


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