Review: Heritage Avenged by Marsha A. Moore

As promised, here’s my review of this (wonderful) book. 🙂 I know it took me a while to get to it, you’ve seen my Tbr stacks, right? But in  a word, it was worth the wait. 🙂 Read on and you’ll see what I mean.


Heritage Avenged 300 X 480.jpg

Heritage Avenged


Marsha A. Moore.

(ARC provided by the author)

Best-selling fantasy author Marsha A. Moore’s Heritage Avenged, Enchanted Bookstore Legend Two is the second in her popular Enchanted Bookstore fantasy romance series. Herein, Ms. Moore’s heroine Lyra McCauley is a writer and a hereditary sorceress whose power shines best through her writing. She was born to become Dragonspier’s next scribe and though the year is drawing to a close, she continues her education in that pursuit. But Lyra’s quest is interrupted when she receives disturbing news: the county coroner informs her someone killed her aunt Jean. Lyra takes a hiatus from her teaching job in Tampa and sets her mind to finding the killer, but the people of Dragonspier call her back. It is midwinter and though the inhabitants of Dragonspier are celebrating their annual festival, her lessons in Scribal magic as well as her search for her aunt’s killer continue. At the Imperial Dragon’s request, she finds herself having to take lessons from the Alchemist of whom she is most wary.

But strange, black-cloaked dragon riders terrorize her, indeed they try to steal her own scribal aura.

Even her beloved Cullen’s powers can’t seem to shield her from the attacks, this time. And when he fails, she must travel to unchartered territory to save him. Will she be able to or will the enemies of the Imperial dragon keep them apart? Will she find her aunt’s killer?

With Heritage Avenged, Marsha A. Moore continues to build on her strengths set forth in the previous tale, Seeking a Scribe, while increasing the stakes for Lyra and Cullen. Her fantasy world continues to reveal itself little by little with many more enchanting inhabitants awaiting the visitor to Dragonspier from fire drakes and enchantresses to enchanting dryads, mysterious wizards, and sentient trees. If you love fantasy stories, do check Heritage Avenged out! If you’d like to, the book is available at Amazon.


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