review: Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts

bloodbrothersBlood Brothers

by Nora Roberts

(review copy acquired via Personal purchase)

Blood Brothers, the first book in the Sign of Seven trilogy by Nora Roberts, and concerns Cal Hawkins and his two friends Fox and Gage, who, at the age of eleven, camped out at the legendary Pagan Stone, and accidentally let loose an ancient demon on the town of Hawkins Hollow. Now, the demon has emerged every summer since, and with its emergence, senseless murders, suicides, and all manner of mayhem ensue. The three—now grown men—blame themselves for this, but try as they might, they have never found a remedy. When Quinn Black, a paranormal investigator, comes to Hawkins Hollow in search of material for her next book, she ultimately becomes embroiled in the mysterious goings-on, and ultimately, involved with Cal Hawkins. Following her is a fashionable boutique owner from New York City, who has no belief in the supernatural, and no idea what brought her out to this little burg, and finally, a friend Quinn calls in when all the weird stuff begins. With all six putting in their two cents on the phenomena, things start clicking into place: What happened to Ann Hawkins and her children all those centuries ago? Why did Hester Deale drown herself in the lake? What did Giles Dent give up to contain the demon, and what do these long-dead ancestors have to tell Cal, Quinn and their friends? Most importantly, will the intrepid friends ever be able to vanquish the evil that disturbs the town? And what’s in store for Cal and Quinn, while all this plays out? When you read Blood Brothers, you’ll see.

Sure Blood Brothers is several books back for Ms. Roberts, having been published in 2007, but if you have not caught it yet, I guarantee you, it’s well-worth it. Sure, there’s the usual love story there, as fans of Nora Roberts have come to expect, but her writing here is superb and once again leaves one wondering how she keeps such a breakneck schedule, without, you know, breaking her fingers. With this one, she once again established her penchant for the paranormal, with a terribly creepy villain, that almost gives nods back to the esteemed Stephen King. And with Halloween fast approaching, I think it’s just the thing to add to the perpetual To Be Read lists, and one I think you will enjoy.

Of course you can get this one at Amazon, or Nora Roberts’ own Turn the Page bookstore, or any local bookstore you like. 🙂 Enjoy.


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