review: Pagan Stone by Nora Roberts

And now for the final title in the series:

PaganstoneThe Pagan Stone

by Nora Roberts

(review copy: personal purchase)

In The Pagan Stone, the third book in Nora RobertsSign of Seven paranormal romance series, the best selling author revisits the town of Hawkins Hollow in the third portion of the seventh year. For those that need catching up (no spoilers here) three young boys trekked out to an old monument for their 14 birthday and made themselves blood brothers. Something a lot of best friends do when they’re that age. In the course of said-blood ritual, however, these three boys unleashed a demon. Said-demon returns to wreak havoc on their town every seven years. And every seven years these three boys fight it, unsuccessfully. This year they’ve gained three assistants—Quinn, Layla, and Cybil. Quinn and Layla’s stories are told in Blood Brothers and the Hollow, respectively.


This time out, with The Pagan Stone, it’s Gage’s turn. He’s none-too-happy to be staying in the Hollow but he’ll stick this year out and hopefully beat that bugger this time. Helping him figure out how is the feisty Cybil. She who can’t keep from researching everything under the sun. Which is good because Knowledge is power against the Big Evil. In conjunction with Fox, Layla, Cal, and Quinn, they try various rituals to weaken the Big Evil; meanwhile, the BE is throwing bits and pieces of Gage’s unhappy past at him, reminding him of his father’s abuse and his mother’s and little sisters deaths, couple that with a nemesis from childhood trying everything he can to beat Gage down, and well, Gage is *this close* to leaving the Hollow for Las Vegas permanently. If only he wasn’t so attracted to Cybil, if she Quinn and Layla didn’t find something out that might keep him here—dead or alive.


So what happens at the Pagan Stone this time? You’ll have to read the book to find out. Unfortunately, I can’t help the feeling this series didn’t have to be a series, this time out. Gage was “wounded” for sure and thanks to one shining standout (which I won’t spoil by repeating) ended the series well. If you’ve read the others and are a completist you may not want to miss this finale, The Pagan Stone, and if not, you may want to put Nora Roberts’ the Sign of Seven series on your to be read list.


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