Encounter with the shades –Chystalla Thoma’s Fantasy epic begins

the_encounterIn ENCOUNTER, episode one of Chrystalla Thoma’s urban fantasy serial Boreal and John Grey, Agent Ella Benson has a problem. Her partner, Simon, has gone missing and her boss has other things distracting him from the search. The Shades they deal with on a daily basis are coming across the veil between the worlds, every more frequently…. A recent rescue facilitated by an unknown has Ella’s head reeling and full of new questions. Questions her boss seems reluctant to answer…

Instead, he insists she put Simon’s disappearance behind her PDQ and focus on the task of fighting Shades. He even orders her to find another partner, and quick. One that has Simon’s clairvoyant abilities. But that might not be so easy, with more and more clairvoyants going missing.

If her boss isn’t going to be helpful in locating her partner, and with attacks happening several times a night, and elves, trolls and other assorted nasties coming through the veil, Ella just might have to seek out the answers on her own.

Who is the mysterious John Grey she keeps hearing about? Who’s this Finn, this unknown hunter she keeps running across? Where is Simon, and why are the Shades coming through the Veil fast and furiously?

You’ll have to read ENCOUNTER to find the answers.

Chrystalla Thoma has created an intriguing story and well-built world in ENCOUNTER. Ella’s frustration with the situation she finds herself in shimmers off the page. Encounter is a tale I think any fan of urban fantasy or elves, will enjoy. Though I admit, it did seem to end rather abruptly, otherwise, I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading more. If you’d like to check it out, Encounter is available at Amazon,, Barnes and Noble, Itunes, Kobo and other ebook venues.


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