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Review: Shadows of Serenity by Marsha A. Moore

Shadows of Serenity by Marsha A. MooreSHADOWS OF SERENITY:


Marsha A. Moore


Joyce Runsey spends her life savings to open a yoga studio in an historic Victorian St Augustine house, only to discover the property is haunted. A female ghost’s abusive and very much alive husband still tortures her by using dark witchcraft. The disruptive energy thwarts Joyce’s ambition to create a special environment to train students to become yoga teachers. Joyce engages in a deadly battle with not only the tormented spirit, but also the dangerous husband. To protect her students from harm, she must overcome mounting obstacles. An unknown swami pays an unexpected visit to give advice on how to free the anguished ghost. Can Joyce comprehend and follow the wise man’s guidance in time to save everyone who depends on her?

My review: Fantasy author Marsha A. Moore’s latest release, SHADOWS OF SERENITY concerns Joyce Runsey, whose dream it is to open a yoga studio—a dream that has arrived. She’s fixed up an old Victorian house and now begins taking on students for a yoga teacher’s training program. But someone is watching them. A shadow of a terrible past hangs over the studio, and even the birds who find sanctuary on Joyce’s property seem to be aware of its presence. And then, a strange swami comes in, offering a blessing he says will come in handy. While Joyce tries to guide and protect her eager new students, despite the blessing, she can’t seem to keep dread at bay. Something is lurking in the shadows. The ghost of a woman who died there begins making herself known, just as her husband (recently released from prison) begins poking his nose into Joyce’s business—and tries to use one of her students for his nefarious ends. Will the collective guiding energy and good will Joyce tries to exude be enough to set these evil spirits to rest? You’ll have to read this intriguing story to find out! This is Ms. Moore’s first foray into the magical realism genre, yet for fans of her earlier Fantasy series, the Enchanted Bookstore Legends, there is much here you will enjoy. As a person who does yoga myself, I especially enjoyed the flavor Marsha’s yoga teacher training brought to the story. Yet, I think even readers less well-versed in the yoga world will enjoy SHADOWS OF SERENITY. If you’d like to check it out, it’s available at Amazon.

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