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Review–Children of Yden by S. G. Rogers

Children of Yden

Children of Yden, the second book in the Yden series by S.G. Rogers, sees teen wizard Jon Hansen return to Yden to master his magic Under his grandfather Quixoran’s tutelage. Meanwhile he learns his clan is searching Earth for their lost children.
Their nemeses, the Fox Clan, is gathering its own children, and mysterious Guinn of the Fox clan seeks out the Portal Key—an item with which he can enter Yrth, and take it over. The people of Yden need their children home to fight him. It’s up to Jon and his family to find the children, train them, and stop  Guinn…

However, Jon’s training on Yden isn’t as easy as he’d hoped. A rival who finds himself part of Quixoran’s lessons who makes life difficult for Jon. Add to that Jon’s conflicting feelings about Kira and Brett and a presidential commission, and his little sister Sela’s developing magic, the young wizard has more on his hands than he’d hoped for. Wondering which will kill him first—his new role on Yden or Guinn—Jon is determined to succeed. With a school dance looming, and a secret that Jon learns about his beloved Brett’s father, the battle isn’t going to be so easy for our beloved Dragon Clan wizard.

Children of Yden is a magical and adventurous addition to the Yden series, with the humor Ms. Rogers’ readers have come to love and contemplates the question just how far are we willing to go for our families.  Fans of, say, Harry Potter or of the author Tamora Pierce will thoroughly enjoy Children of Yden.

The book can stand alone, but the relationships herein will deepen for the reader if they start out with the preceding volume in the series, The Last Great Wizard of Yden.

Children of Yden is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Itunes, Kobo, and Smashwords.

For more on Children of Yden and the Yden series, see S.G. Rogers’ site at: http://sgrogers.wordpress.com/


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