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Review: Off Kilter by Laura Strickland

Off Kilter
byOff Kilter--steampunk romance, Laura Strickland, Wild Rose Press, airships, automatons, steampunk
Laura Strickland
Steampunk, historical romance
Published by The Wild Rose Press.
Review copy provided by the author for honest review.

In Off Kilter, a new steampunk romance by Laura Strickland, the author continues her Buffalo Steam series by introducing an unlikely hero. James Kilter was once injured in a boiler explosion and yet now works for Tate, the leader of an Irish New York gang. When they take on the protection of Boyd: a mogul (and more importantly his lovely companion Catherine Delany) James has no doubt this will be just another job.

However, Cat isn’t exactly with the ruthless Boyd of her own free will. She once agreed to go with him when it turned out he was far more interested in her underage sister. To spare her Boyd’s disgusting attentions Cat will endure anything.

As James comes to know (and love) Cat, well, he will have none of that. But how can he save her without breaking with his faithful friends?
You’ll have to read Off Kilter yourself to find out!
The slightly askew historical Buffalo, New York that Ms. Strickland built here is intriguing. I particularly liked her automatons and hybrids–and the magic she involved in the story didn’t hurt, either. (I’m looking forward to reading the now-Mrs. McMahon’s story!) Boyd was a suitably-disgusting villain and James the kindhearted perfect hero, despite his looks. (Nice to see that in a romance novel!). If you enjoy steampunk or have a thirst for a slightly different kind of historical romance, I think you will love Laura Strickland’s Off-Kilter! If you’d like to check it out,  OFF KILTER is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Itunes, The Wild Rose Press, and more. To add this book to your Good Reads To Be Read lists, click here.


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