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Whimsical Tendencies by Suzanne G. Rogers

I plucked another fantasy title off my “never seems to lessen” To be read list. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I.


Whimsical Tendencies


Suzanne G. Rogers


Although she has no memories before the quake that destroyed the kingdom of Augury, Cypher McCall holds a steadfast hatred of the repressive Cauldian regime now ruling the country. Because her magical gifts are deemed subversive, she does her best to avoid detection. Unfortunately for Cypher, however, she’s too beautiful to ignore. After a Cauldian contingent arrives in her hometown, a chance encounter leaves her repulsed by the arrogant Prince Ewan and attracted to his distant cousin, Lord Joss.

When she learns Prince Ewan plans to tear down the ruins of nearby Castle Augur, Cypher vows to stop him. Although handsome Lord Joss tries to protect her from his vindictive cousin, Cypher can’t bring herself to trust the enemy. At the same time, nightmares and dreams nudge her toward reclaiming childhood memories. She stumbles on a silver key that she hopes will unlock her past, but first she must confront a long repressed horror at the Castle Augur ruins.

Will the knowledge of Cypher’s true identity tear her apart…or will it empower her to restore everything she’s ever loved?

In Suzanne G. Rogers’ delightful tale WHIMSICAL TENDENCIES, our heroine Cypher has grown up with her family, tending their bar in Plentiful. Since the burning of their royal palace, which left the royal family dead, some eighteen years ago the country has been under foreign control. Magic has been outlawed all that time, which puts Cypher in an awkward position, because she of her powers—to change people’s hair color to the amusement of her friends, and the annoyance of her enemies—among other things!

When the prince comes to town with his entourage, Cypher must curb her impulse to act out at the invaders. But one young man in his entourage particularly intrigues her. Joss is particularly handsome and intriguing and it seems is quite taken with her too. She wonders what truly would happen to her if the truth came out.

But his cousin is crown prince, and has the brilliant idea, since the city is facing the tenth anniversary of the quake, to tear down the royal ruins and build a new palace for himself.

Along with her impending graduation, and the prince’s arrival, Cypher has been having some very strange dreams. Dreams of climbing a tree in the royal residences, dreams of casting magic spells. What could this all mean? Does it have anything to do with the key she wears around her neck? You’ll have to read WHIMSICAL TENDENCIES to find out.

Whimsical Tendencies is a cute and sometimes sad, romantic fairy tale of a young girl searching for her identity. I won’t give away the ending, but I think it’s one that every girl, and young girl at heart, can relate to.

You can learn more about Suzanne and her fine works at: https://childofyden.wordpress.com/

If you’d like to, you can put it on your TBR piles on Good Reads, here.


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