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Review–Magical Misperception by Suzanne G. Rogers

Magical Misperception by Suzanne G. Rogers, fantasy fiction, Young Adult fictionMagical Misperception

by Suzanne G. Rogers


Magical Misperception is the story of a peasant girl who captures the heart of a prince. Jona is a dreamer who would rather be off in town playing bandits than dressing up in frilly things, regardless of the fact the queen herself is due to parade through the streets. Jona’s mother, of course, wishes she would be  proper young lady. When Jona runs off and finds young Lee fighting a band of (imaginary) bandits, she jumps into the fray and makes a fast friend.

Only later does she find out Lee is royalty, himself. The nephew of the queen, Lee brings Jona to the palace to be his confidante; together, they master dancing and conquer Lee’s stutter, all in time for his birthday party. A celebration the queen (whom Lee calls “the dragon”) won’t allow commoner Jona to attend, despite the fact that her trusted wizard tries to plead Jona’s case.

Despite being separated, and the passage of years, can Jona and Lee remain friends? What can bring them together if not love? Will magic help? You’ll have to read to this exciting and sweet, magical story find out.

I loved this story, but then, you aren’t surprised, are you? I always love Suzanne’s fantasy stories. 🙂 I did want to bop Lee’s aunt, and felt terrible for what she did them. (you’ll have to read Magical Misperception to see what I’m talking about.  If you’dlike to check it out, Magical Misperception is available at Amazon.


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