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Spirit Touched by Jolene Dawe

Spirit Touched
Jolene Dawe

Spirit Touched by Jolene Dawe

Spirit Touched: A Calenya Summoner’s Tale by Jolene Dawe is an intense Dystopian tale of a priestess left to continue the work after the gods have abandoned her people. Calenya Summoner has been brought up into this world after its “End”. The gods have left the people to deal on their own with the strange, dangerous creatures of the night.

Some have even come to worship these nasty beings as if they were the gods themselves. Calenya knows better. She  and her brethren are the only ones with the knowledge and training to use the magic which keeps these beings at bay.

But there are some who have other ideas of how to cope, by making deals with darkness. When Calenya finds a potential Summoner about to be used as a sacrifice, can she save him? You’ll have to read to find out.


The world ended long ago, and most of the gods have left. Nightmares stalk the earth, and mortal creatures eke out a living the best they can, in small pockets scattered across the landscape. Only a small number of people, blessed by what few gods remain, stand between the creatures of the day and the monsters that plague the night.

Caleyna hoped for an uneventful patrol: walk the old roads, check in on villages, provide help where it was needed, and report in. Instead, there’s a swarm advancing on unsuspecting villagers, a fellow Summoner in need, and worse, her shadow has gone missing . . .

I enjoyed Spirit Touched, and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next! If I had one criticism *ducks* it was that I wanted more. 30 pages wasn’t enough of Calenya. (*gimmegimme*!) I hope that Ms. Dawe will continue the series soon-like because I’d certainly like to read the next installment in Calenya’s story! If you like dark, dystopian fantasy, especially those stories with a pagan bent, I think you will enjoy this story.If you’d like to check it out, it’s available at Amazon.


And…you can check out more about Jolene’s work at her site: https://naiadis.wordpress.com/

Review copy provided by the author.


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