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The Princess Collection by Suzanne G. Rogers.


The Princess & Fairytale Collection by Suzanne G. Rogers is a box set of her charming fantasy romance tales.

Clash of Wills is an exciting quest tale of a young woman’s search for her brother, and herself, and a young man pressing forward in his duty to do what’s right. Ms. Rogers populates the story with a charming cast of royalty and fantasy creatures, and sprinkles in magic, and her signature charming wit. If you like questing princesses and kingdoms in distress you won’t want to pass Clash of Wills by!

Whimsical Tendencies is a cute and sometimes sad, romantic fairy tale of a young girl searching for her identity. I won’t give away the ending, but I think it’s one that every girl, and young girl at heart, can relate to.

Magical Misperception is the story of a peasant girl who captures the heart of a prince.

Jona is a dreamer who would rather be off in town playing bandits than dressing up in frilly things, regardless of the fact the queen herself is due to parade through the streets. Jona’s mother, of course, wishes she would be proper young lady. When Jona runs off and finds young Lee fighting a band of (imaginary) bandits, she jumps into the fray and makes a fast friend.

Only later does she find out Lee is royalty, himself. The nephew of the queen, Lee brings Jona to the palace to be his confidante; together, they master dancing and conquer Lee’s stutter, all in time for his birthday party. A celebration the queen (whom Lee calls “the dragon”) won’t allow commoner Jona to attend, despite the fact that her trusted wizard tries to plead Jona’s case.

Despite being separated, and the passage of years, can Jona and Lee remain friends? What can bring them together if not love? Will magic help? You’ll have to read to this exciting and sweet, magical story find out.

In Dani & The Immortals, an ex-actress who finds herself kidnapped and transported to another world where she comes face to face with the Norse Gods, a handsome elf, Prince Rein—who’s not a bit like the character she’s read about in the famous author Emys Drew’s book about him—and accused by the gods of Trespass. Dani must find a way to get home without angering Odin any further. The only one she can go to for advice is Emrys who himself isn’t in Odin’s good graces. And then, to make matters worse, an Asgardian artifact  goes missing and everyone blames it on Dani. Now she must find the blasted thing if she’s ever going to find a way to stay with the elf she’s fallen in love with. What’s a girl to do? You’ll have to read the story (or the full collection!) to find out.

Also included is the flash fiction story “Finding the Spirit of Christmas”.

All in all, I found this a charming collection! If you’d like to check it out, The Princess & Fairytale Collection is available at Amazon.

To learn more about Suzanne G. Rogers fantasy titles, visit her site at: https://childofyden.wordpress.com/

If you enjoy historical romance, she blogs about that at:http://suzannegrogers.com/

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