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review: Rake & Romance by Suzanne G. Rogers

rakeromanceRake & Romance

(The Beaucroft Girls, Book Two)

by Suzanne G. Rogers

In Rake & Romance, Juliet’s sister Kitty, married happily and Juliet hopes to as well. Her intended, Augustus, will surely pop the question soon.

But his family falls on dire times and Augustus’ father decides to marry him to a Texas’  heiress.

The heiress doesn’t come alone, but with her brother Lord Cody Gryphon  in tow. And though most everyone in town thinks him someone he’s not, for his sister’s sake and Augustus’ Juliet and Cody decide to announce their engagement–a ruse.

For Cody wants to return to Texas more than he wants a wife, and Juilet doesn’t really want to marry right now, especially a man so resembling one of  her worst enemies—does she?

You’ll have to read to find out!

Rake & Romance by Suzanne G. Rogers is a charming story of redemption and love. Though this is the follow up to Ruse & Romance, you can read them as standalones, I think.  If you enjoy Victorian romance do give Rake & Romance a try.

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