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Review: Kitty Takes a Holiday

51q8h07ctnl-_aa300_Kitty Takes a Holiday
Carrie Vaughn

(Narrator: Marguerite Gavin)
(I borrowed this audiobook from the library)

In Kitty Takes a Holiday, werewolf and radio talk show host, Kitty Norville, decides to take a break from her radio show, The Midnight Hour, and rents a cabin in the woods. Things go a little sideways when Cormac (the werewolf hunter) shows up with her lawyer, who’s been attacked by a wolf. It all gets worse from there when it turns out, the locals aren’t as welcoming as they seem.

It’s been a while since I read the previous book, but I still enjoyed this installment of the Kitty series very much, had a bit of worry about Ben, and Kitty, and some funny points, as well. I think fans of both Urban fantasy and PNR will, as well. I think you can pick it up in if you haven’t read the others, let’s face it, with how long it had been since I’d read the others it was almost like starting the series here, but I had no trouble with it, so don’t let that deter you. The narrator wasn’t too bad, either and pulled off the different characters (Cormac, Ben, some of the clearly Native American) and accents quite well. Do check it out! If you’d like to, it’s available at Amazon or Barnes and Noble in audiobook, as well as Kindle, Nook and paperback formats.


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