The Earl’s London Bride (Chase Family Series #1)

Earl's London Bride/the Earl's Unsuitable Bride by Lauren RoyalThe Earl’s London Bride.

(Also known as The Earl’s Unsuitable Bride? It looks like the Ms. Royals changed the title, after I downloaded it.)


Lauren Royal & Devon Royal

(Personal purchase)

I picked this one up recently, and got interested in the author (Lauren) at the same time. She’s just as charming as her characters…but I digress.

Amy’s been brought up in London, in a merchant family of jewelers. Her life’s all planned out for her, apprentice to her father, engaged to her fellow apprentice. Then she meets Colin Chase.

Then the fire happens, taking away her family’s shop, and with it, her father’s life. Colin and his brothers are confidantes of the king and rush to London to help fight the father. Here, he rounds up many of the displaced children, along with rescuing Amy from her burning shop, and brings them to safety at the Chase family estate. While Amy heals, they slowly fall in love with each other–and Amy turns Colin’s life upside down.

I enjoyed this book. Amy was sweet and Colin was charming. I particularly found the section about the Great Fire of London interesting. I can’t resist the Renaissance era. *g*

My only qualm with the story was, well, as much as Colin was charming, he was a bit all over the place with his decisions. (Should he honor his betrothal to another woman, should he not? ) Then again, he was only 16 years old, so, I guess I allowed it more for that reason. And Amy’s fiance, while a drip to begin with, he turns out to be quite a villain. Blech! I’m glad Amy had Colin, in the end.

Then, there’s the length. I started out with the version called Amethyst. And dreaded reading 416 pages; I just would rather read something shorter. 350 is about the upper end of my comfort zone these days, so I switched over to this, sweeter, shorter version.I realize this was once a Trad published novel , but geeze louise, that’s long! However, even in switching to the shorter, sweeter version, I don’t feel I missed anything in the change. But if you like more explicit scenes (at least, I’m guessing they’re more explicit), pick up Amethyst. I just liked that The Earl’s London Bride/The Earl’s Unsuitable Bride  was shorter, myself.

All in all, I did enjoy The Earl’s London Bride/The Earl’s Unsuitable Bride. If you’d like to check it out, it’s available  (for free) at Amazon, Itunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Google Play.


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