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Review: Peg o’ My Heart by Patty G. Henderson @PattyGHenderson #supernatural #mystery #lesfic #lgbtfiction

Peg 'o My Heart by Patty G. Henderson, #supernatural #mystery #lesfic #lgbtfictionPeg o’ My Heart

by Patty G. Henderson

(pre-publication review copy provided by the author)

In Peg o’ My Heart, the newest addition to the Brenda Strange Supernatural Mysteries by Patty G. Henderson, detective Brenda Strange returns! This time, Brenda acquires an old-time radio and when she switches it on, an old song from the forties begins playing. Only, as she switches through the dials, it seems to be the only song that plays and at the end, the same DJ says the same thing every time. “Dedicated to Peg”. So what is it about Brenda’s new antique acquisition, is it broken? Or more than it seems? You’ll have to read to find out.

I’ve been a fan of Brenda Strange for a long time, I love her psychic powers, that always both help and hinder her. I love her ghost-filled old house, and all the strange and wonderful individuals she comes in contact with. I also found her relationship with detective Lisa Chambliss sweet and a little sad this time out and I lovelovelove the Gate Watchers! Why? You’ll have to read to see. All in all, I found PEG o’ MY HEART a fine edition to the series. I enjoyed it very much and am excited for the next installment.


Would you like to know more? Here’s the synopsis:

“The song should have ended over sixty years ago, but for some, it still plays on a defunct radio station that burned in 1947. Ghosts are like that.”

When Cubbie buys an old Philco radio from the 1930s and brings it home to Malfour House, a mysterious broadcast from a radio station that no longer exists begins to haunt Brenda Strange.

Brenda is lured into an investigation that crosses time and space and brings her face to face with some of her own demons of the heart. Can true love reach through the expanse of time itself? And who are the shadowy Gate Watchers, and can they be agents of Heaven or demons from Hell?

Brenda must race to find the puzzle pieces to solve the mystery of the ghostly broadcast and save the life of Margaret Fields. She confronts a power with the potential to create havoc in our own world.

If you’d like to check it out, PEG of MY HEART is available at Amazon in ebook and paperback. Also, you can get the paperback at Barnes and Noble. Oh! And just so you know a portion of the proceeds of the sale of this book go to Blind Cat Rescue Inc.




The other books in the series are as follows:

The Burning of Her Sin

Tangled and Dark

The Missing Page, and


Brenda Strange series by Patty G. Henderson, #supernatural #mystery #lesfic #lgbtfiction

For more on Patty and the Brenda Strange series see her site at: http://www.pattyghenderson.com or find her on Facebook.


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