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Review: Staurolite by Marsha A. Moore

staurolite by Marsha A. Moore, fantasy romance, dragons, wizards, ebook, kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Amazon PrimeStaurolite


Marsha A. Moore

(Author supplied me with my review copy for an impartial review)

When the Black Dragon’s evil Cimafra attack Dragonspier all who are able are forced to fight, including Lyra’s beloved Cullen. Meanwhile, Lyra must transcribe her ancestors’ books looking for a way to defeat the black dragon. As she does so, she notices someone among the refugees the Imperial guard has taken in. Kessa is a young girl brought to the dragons for protection. Lyra feels sure there is something important about the girl. Even though her mother protects her a bit too much.

Both might be important in defeating the Black dragon. But will Lyra find the answers she seeks before their forces are defeated, taking with them the hope of Dragonspier and Lyra and Cullen’s chance at happiness? You’ll have to read to find out!

I enjoyed this look into the magical history of the Scribes, and being introduced to new characters, and new trials and quests for Lyra as she travels down another path toward full afflation. I think fans of fantasy will too! If you’d like to check it out. Staurolite is available on Amazon.

You can find out more about Marsha, and the Enchanted Bookstore Legends at: https://www.marshaamoore.com/


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