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Review: Grace Unmasked by Suzanne G. Rogers

Grace Unmasked


Suzanne G. Rogers

(personal purchase)


Grace Unmasked is the second in Suzanne G. Rogers’  Mannequin series. An historical romance set in the late 1800s Grace Unmasked follows young lady Grace Fiddick, daughter of a poor carriage driver, who faces a series of less than happy events from being thrown out of a dressmaker’s shop, she’s followed home and assaulted by a haughty aristocrat, who turns on her and sets the law after her. With no other choice, she flees to her cousin Joe, in London. Only, Joe has his own troubles, since his cousin Zander fled town, saddling Joe with his debts.

Grace goes to Joe’s friend Lord Henley for help, only to be chased around his house by Henley’s porter, who has no idea who Grace really is and thinks her a young man. Amused by the “lad’s” tenacity he soon finds out who she is, and takes her under his wing, sending her to his friend, the famous modiste where she becomes Madame’s next Mannequin. If you’ve not read the previous book in Ms. Rogers’ Mannequin series, a Mannequin was a fancy name, at the time, for a combination model and spokeswoman for the dressmakers.

As Lord Henley squires Grace around town, he begins to fall in love with her. But can an aristocrat really have a future with a poor carriage driver’s daughter? You’ll have to read to find out.

I enjoyed Suzanne G. Rogers’ Grace Unmasked as much, if not more, than the previous book in the series, The Mannequin, and at times, even found myself worried about Grace (and also Joe’s) ultimate end, here. Again, another secret of the text I can’t share without spoiling it. I also liked how Ms. Rogers’ wove in a real tragedy to add just a touch more to the tale of this set of friends. If you’d like to check out the story for yourself, Grace Unmasked is available at Amazon.


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